Donaldsonville couple have first baby born in BR in 2014

Angel Valois was supposed to go into surgery at Woman’s Hospital around 6 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, but the operation was postponed several hours.

As a result, her newborn girl, Victoria, came into the world with a mostly full head of straight, dark hair at 12:09 a.m. Wednesday morning, becoming Baton Rouge’s first baby of 2014.

“We didn’t plan it,” Valois said of the New Year’s Day birth, “but we’re happy about it.”

Victoria Rios weighed exactly nine pounds and measured 21 ½ inches long at birth, said Dana Michell, a Woman’s Hospital spokeswoman. Victoria was born about 20 minutes before another baby at Oschner Medical Center, and hours before babies at other parish hospitals, officials said.

“She’s victorious,” Valois joked.

Sporting a thin headband with a flower on it, tiny pink socks and a flower-print gown, Victoria slept soundly in her mother’s lap Wednesday afternoon.

A meal had apparently calmed down the newborn following a grumpy spell in the hours after Valois’ cesarean section.

“She was cranky and crying” for a while after the birth, Valois said.

Victoria’s birth meant Valois, 27, and her fiancé, Moses Rios, 29, both of Donaldsonville, missed out on a traditional New Year’s celebration — but they said it was worth it.

“We’ll have a special story every year,” Valois said.

Victoria is the couple’s second child. They also have a 5-year-old son.

“Everything’s good right now,” Moses Rios said. “It’s perfect.”