Central improves flood insurance rating

The city of Central was recently accepted by FEMA into the National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System which moves Central from a Class 10 rating to a Class 8 rating and allows residents to receive reductions on flood insurance premiums.

Residents in Special Flood Hazard Areas in Central can receive a 10 percent premium reduction on their policies. Residents outside those areas in Central can receive a 5 percent premium reduction, Central Chief Administrative Officer David Barrow said in a news release.

Special Flood Hazard Areas include flood zones A, AE, A1-A30, V, V1-V30, AO, and AH.

Property owners need to contact their insurance companies to let them know of the acceptance in the system.

The city received points based on several factors, including maintaining elevation certificates, providing map information services, outreach projects, hazard disclosures, flood protection information availability, an flood mitigation effors.

For more information, call Angie Knaps at (225) 262-5000.