Apollo Road extension seen as boon for Scott, Lafayette

The director of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s School of Architecture and Design described the Apollo Road extension as “the most significant infrastructure to impact Scott since the railroad” in a presentation Thursday to the Scott City Council.

“This is not only important for Scott, but for all of Lafayette Parish,” said Tom Sammons, the school’s director. “It will help with the transition of vehicles and pedestrians.”

The Apollo Road extension, scheduled to begin construction in mid-2014, starts at Cameron Street and runs to the intersection of Dulles Drive and Rue de Belier.

It will serve as an alternate route from I-10 into the heart of Lafayette for many drivers who now sit in traffic on Ambassador Caffery Parkway to the east.

Scott Mayor Purvis Morrison said traffic consultants estimate 15,000 to 20,000 vehicles a day will use the new four-lane roadway.

Sammons presented slides that showed a mix of residential and commercial properties along the route. He said he and his students have been working closely with Fenstermaker and Associates on the project.

“It will be very important not only as a major artery,” Sammons said, “but to connect secondary and tertiary roads so that you don’t create huge blocks that prevent transition within the city.”

The four-lane highway will be a boulevard with attractive lighting and an 8-foot walking and biking trail on both sides.

Morrison said the city plans to start the first phase of the construction in mid-2014. The project is being funded with $10 million from Scott and $5 million from the state.

“The project will be three phases,” Morrison said. “Phase 1 will start next year, Phase 2 in 2015 and Phase 3 in 2016. We’ve met with the landowners (around the project) and the response was great. It gives this an opportunity to be accepted throughout the parish. It is gong to be something that we will be proud of and stand the test of time.”

Richard Burgess contributed to this report.