Hackers compromise personal info collected by La.

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Kristy Nichols

Personal information for about 13,500 Louisiana residents was compromised when the data collected by three state government agencies was breached, Commissioner of Administration Kristy Nichols announced late Wednesday.

Computer hackers penetrated the computer security systems at JPMorgan Chase, Nichols said in a prepared statement. JPMorgan Chase officials have indicated this breach is not an issue isolated to Louisiana.

About 6,000 recipients of a pre-loaded debit card used by the Louisiana Department of Revenue to distribute state income tax refunds could have been compromised, as well as approximately 5,300 Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services child support debit cardholders and about 2,200 people receiving unemployment benefits from the Louisiana Workforce Commission via a JPMorgan Chase debit card, according to Nichols.

Through a contract with the Louisiana Department of the Treasury, JPMorgan Chase issues debit cards for certain state agencies.

According to the bank, the data exposure affects only cardholders who registered their cards on the JPMorgan UCard Center website and, between July and September 2013, performed certain actions online, according to the statement.

JPMorgan is notifying each affected cardholder by email of the specific manner in which their information was compromised, the news release says. JPMorgan Chase states that there is no evidence that the information has been fraudulently used, and they continue to monitor the security status for all cardholders involved.

“We will be working with law enforcement officials as this investigation continues,” Nichols said. “We will hold JPMorgan Chase responsible to make certain that the rights and personal privacy of these Louisiana citizens is protected.”