Zachary homeowner airs complaint about police protection

Zachary homeowner Kelly Feese complained to the City Council on Tuesday that the Police Department has failed to address a rash of burglaries in her neighborhood.

Her home on Chestnut Street has been broken into five times, Feese said. She said she has purchased a weapon to protect herself and her children.

“The next time the police come out to my house, they will be picking up a body. I’m not kidding,” she said.

The mayor and the council did not respond to Feese’s comments during the council meeting.

After the meeting, Police Chief David McDavid said the department is working overtime to address crime in the area. He said that license plate reading cameras had been on Chestnut Street, but said the city had to be careful about putting cameras on private property. Though the police have some suspects, they have yet to gather enough evidence to make arrests.

Tracking down stolen items is difficult in part because instead of bringing them to pawn shops, thieves now sell them on the street.

“I wish we could do more,” McDavid said.

Other business before the council included:

ASSISTANT ATTORNEY APPOINTMENT: The council voted unanimously to appoint David “Ricky” McDavid Jr. as the assistant city attorney.

McDavid had been serving as a paralegal rather than an attorney because by law city attorneys must be legal residents of Zachary and have practiced law for 5 years.

“He gets his five years tomorrow,” City Attorney John Hopewell said.

Police Chief David McDavid is Ricky McDavid’s father. The city will be careful to avoid any possible issues of nepotism and Ricky McDavid will mostly work on cases involving planning and zoning, housing condemnations, the Alcoholic Beverage Control board and the McHost road project, Hopewell said.

Ricky McDavid also will go to any council meetings that Hopewell cannot attend.

NEW CVS: The council voted unanimously with one member absent to approve site plans for a new CVS pharmacy to be built near La. 64 and La. 964.

Councilman Brandon Noel was absent from the meeting and did not vote.

Mayor David Amrhein told CVS representative Jonathan Catanzano the city would need a 40- to 48-foot right of way on the property along La. 64 to expand the road to four lanes.

Surveys are underway to begin the project, he said.

FOOD PANTRY: The council agreed to authorize the mayor to enter into a lease agreement with the Zachary Food Pantry.

The details of the agreement have not yet been worked out, but would allow the food pantry to use the $350,000 building the city built for the organization.

The city does not plan to charge rent to the food pantry, the mayor said.

TRICK OR TREAT: The mayor announced that trick or treating will be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Oct. 31.