West Feliciana schools switching to nine-week grading system

West Feliciana Parish Superintendent Hollis G. Milton told the School Board on Tuesday that all the schools in the district will change from a six-week grading period to a nine-week grading system.

Milton said this was in keeping with the state’s more rigorous Common Core Standards in reading and writing, math, science, social studies, foreign language, physical education and math.

The superintendent told the board that the district is working to offer an online payment option for school dues and cafeteria payments.

He reported, too, that the school district will soon have a cellphone application to link the public with the school system’s website.

The new link, said the superintendent, is designed for better communication with parents and the parish community.

Other issues taken the board considered included:

ACCREDITATION: The board learned in July that all public schools in the district had been re-accredited by AdvancEd, formerly known as the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Milton said the accrediting agency provided “24 powerful practices” for the school district.

Three of these, said Milton, included engaging all stakeholders to define the system’s values to increase student learning; delivering services to children beginning at 6 weeks of age through pre-kindergarten and kindergarten and providing programs and activities to increase parent support.

FINANCIAL REPORT: The board amended its financial report for food service and transferred $75,000 from its general fund to cover a food service deficit.

Supervisor of Finance and Management Helen Ruthie Davis said that the deficit was caused by higher than anticipated expenses, including employee benefits.