Baker police chief warns of phone scam

Senior citizens in Baker and the surrounding areas should be wary of phone calls from someone claiming to be from Publisher’s Clearinghouse because they are targets of a scam, Baker Police Chief Mike Knaps said Monday.

Knaps said his department has received three complaints from people who received calls from a person claiming to be from Publisher’s Clearinghouse.

Those people who called the department said they also talked to several others who received the same phone call, but did not contact authorities, Knaps said.

He said those receiving calls are told that they won money, but that they need to wire the caller money to ensure the money is sent to the proper address.

“If they’re Publisher’s Clearinghouse, they are not going to contact you by phone and ask them to send you money because you won,” Knaps said.

He added, “Basically, anything that asks for upfront money is most likely a scam.”