Bond revoked for rape suspect Kelly

Ex-model and accused rapist Dean Kelly will remain jailed without bond, after he allegedly “lured” a woman to the boathouse where he lived while on house arrest by using a fake name and claiming he wanted to adopt a dog.

The 42-year-old star of a 1994 Aerosmith video, accused of raping two teenagers and then getting caught with child pornography, has been in and out of jail since 2011 on various bonds.

Kelly was sent back to jail last week, after deputies monitoring his electronic ankle bracelet allegedly caught him with a woman at his home, in violation of a judge’s orders that he be visited by only his parents.

Kelly is awaiting trial on charges of forcible rape, felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile, second-degree kidnapping and possession of child pornography. He is facing the possibility of decades in prison if convicted.

“The defendant continually violates the specific conditions meant to protect the community,” Assistant District Attorney Jason Napoli wrote in his request that the judge again revoke Kelly’s bond.

“In this last instance, the defendant was found with a member of the opposite sex in his residence, a clear and disturbing violation of his bond contract.”

Three deputies testified Wednesday before Criminal District Court Judge Tracey Flemings-Davillier in support of prosecutors’ request to keep Kelly in jail.

On July 22, deputies checked in with Kelly and found a woman on his balcony, according to authorities.

They discovered that he’d contacted her, via Craigslist, Skype and text messaging, to arrange for her to come over and show him a pit bull he said he wanted to adopt. He used a fake name.

Prosecutors have alleged that he has routinely used fake names to pick up young girls. They list a dozen aliases on court documents, ranging from Dane Ellis to Tyler Durden, an apparent reference to the main character in the movie “Fight Club.”

The woman agreed to meet him at his home to show him the animal.

When deputies arrived, he allegedly asked the woman to lie to them about who she was and what she was doing there.

Kelly’s defense attorneys, Jason Williams and Nandi Campbell, said after the hearing that he simply wanted to adopt the dog for protection.

But prosecutors painted a more sinister picture.

“The female was lured to the defendant’s residence under false pretenses and with the defendant using a false name,” Napoli wrote, arguing that Kelly has shown a repeated disregard for the conditions of his bond.

Flemings-Davillier agreed, and ordered that he be kept in jail until trial.

Kelly had been out on bond for less than a month.

In April, he was returned to jail after prosecutors told a judge he violated the terms of his $1.5 million bail by partying with college girls during a Mardi Gras soiree at his parents’ St. Charles Avenue home, where he was living on house arrest. The judge upped his bond to $2.5 million, which was paid in cash last month.

Under that new bond, Kelly was once again on house arrest, though he was not allowed to live at his parents’ home. Instead, he agreed to live in a boathouse on Breakwater Drive on Lake Pontchartrain.

That home also is owned by his parents, according to Orleans Parish assessor records.

He was under 24-hour electronic monitoring through the Sheriff’s Office, and allowed daily visits from his parents — but no other guests, unless he had permission from Flemings-Davillier.

Kelly, who briefly dabbled in modeling and once played a country boy in the Aerosmith video for the song “Crazy,” awaits trial on charges he raped a 14-year-old girl in February 2005 and a 17-year-old girl later that year.

He also is facing separate counts of child pornography. Investigators who served a search warrant on his home reportedly found a flash drive containing four videos of children engaged in sex.

In one, according to court documents, a 15-year-old virgin is raped. In another, a young boy has a sexual encounter with two adult women.

His trial on the rape charges is set for late September.