Bond revoked after ex-model caught with woman

Ex-model and accused rapist Dean Kelly, out of Orleans Parish Prison for less than a month, was once again sent back to jail Monday after deputies allegedly caught him with a female visitor while he remained on house arrest. A Criminal District Court judge ordered Tuesday morning that he be held without bond until another hearing scheduled for the end of the month.

Kelly was forbidden from having any contact with women.

The 42-year-old star of a 1994 Aerosmith video has been in and out of jail since 2011 on various bonds while awaiting trial on forcible rape and other charges. In April, he was returned to jail after prosecutors told a judge he violated the terms of his $1.5 million bail by partying with young women during a Mardi Gras party at his parents’ St. Charles Avenue house, where he was living on house arrest. The judge upped his bond to $2.5 million, which was paid in cash last month.

Under that new bond, Kelly was once again on house arrest, though he was not allowed to live at his parents’ home. Instead, he agreed to live in a boathouse on Breakwater Drive on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain. That home is also owned by his parents, according to Orleans Parish assessor records.

He was under 24-hour electronic monitoring through the Sheriff’s Office, and allowed daily visits from his parents — but no other guests, unless he had permission from Judge Tracey Flemings-Davillier. Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman said in a news release about Kelly’s Monday arrest that when deputies checked on Kelly, they found a woman at the house, the sheriff said. Deputies took him back into custody.

The details of his arrest or the woman’s alleged visit were not available in court records on Tuesday.

Kelly, who briefly dabbled in modeling and once played a country boy in the Aerosmith video for the song “Crazy,” awaits trial on charges he raped a 14-year-old girl in February 2005 and a 17-year-old girl later that year. His trial is set for the end of September.

Prosecutors have alleged that he has routinely used fake names to pick up young girls. They list a dozen aliases on court documents, ranging from Dane Ellis to Tyler Durden, an apparent reference to the main character in the movie “Fight Club.”

He is also facing six separate counts of child pornography. Investigators who served a search warrant on his home reportedly found a flash drive containing four videos of children engaged in sex. In one, according to court documents, a 15-year-old virgin is raped. In another, a young boy has a sexual encounter with two adult women.

Prosecutors also recently alerted the court that they intend to use several other videos allegedly found in his collection as evidence of his “sexually assaultive behavior.”

In addition to the child pornography, police also allegedly found several secretly taped homemade videos of Kelly having sex with unknown women. In one tape described by prosecutors in court records, Kelly can be seen hiding the camera before the woman comes into the room.

The woman, obviously drunk, according to the prosecutor’s description, slurs and stumbles as she enters. At one point, she tell him how drunk she is. He allegedly tried to take her clothes off and she resisted. She told him to stop, that she was too drunk, according to court records. She tried to stand up, but he “slams” her back onto the bed. He pinned her down with his knees, prosecutors wrote, and tried to force her to perform oral sex on him.

Then he had sex with her as she resisted, the prosecutor said.

Defense attorneys objected to the inclusion of both the child pornography and the homemade videos at his upcoming rape trial. The woman in the video is unknown and has not come forward, they noted. There’s no way, without her cooperation, that prosecutors can prove that the purported sexual assault depicted was not staged with her consent. The videos would simply prejudice the jury with unrelated acts.

But Flemings-Davillier sided with the state and ruled that the videos can be shown to a jury at trial.

On Tuesday, she ordered everyone back for another hearing on July 31 to determine whether Kelly will continue to be held without bond pending the fall trial.