EBR planning commission opposes subdivision near Stumberg Lane

The city-parish Planning Commission on Monday shot down a proposed 44-lot subdivision on the east side of Stumberg Lane north of Coursey Boulevard after nearby residents said Stumberg is too narrow to handle additional traffic.

Bill Humphreys, who developed and lives in the nearby Oxley subdivision, and nearby resident Jeffrey Mohr, both told the East Baton Rouge Parish Planning Commission that further development should wait until the road can be widened and cars can pass without driving on the shoulder and accidents would not block the street.

The commission voted 7-1 against plans for the 10-acre Parkview Manor subdivision on the site of the former Kilowatt Club, with Laurie Marien its only supporter. Martha Jane Tassin was not present.

In other action, the commission also voted 7-1 to approve some internal street changes to the Rouzan development over the objections of three residents, two of whom were concerned the changes at the controversial mixed-use development on Perkins south of Lee Drive would affect how it is expected to connect with the adjoining neighborhoods. Two commissioners noted it is only a change in the concept plan with a more specific street grid still to be approved.

Sarah Holliday-James opposed approving the Rouzan change.