Zachary man accused of assaulting grandmother

Keon Brown
Keon Brown

A Zachary man accused of violently assaulting his 88-year-old grandmother, breaking her eye socket and nose, was arrested by police Monday.

Keon Hendrell Brown, 31, 3661 Truman St., who had told family members his grandmother was injured in a fall, was booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on counts of cruelty to the infirmed and second-degree battery involving domestic violence.

Zachary Police Department Sgt. Johnny Dillon said the nature of the victim’s injuries — a broken nose and eye socket, but no other cuts or bruising — were not consistent with a fall and had aroused suspicion in family members, even though Brown was, and still is, adamant that his grandmother fell.

“Her injuries were consistent with a battery,” Dillon said. “There was no scratches and all the bruises were isolated to the facial area. In past experiences, when a person falls, they are going to have some scratches and brusing on their arms and legs.”

Brown has a history of violence, according to family members and court records.

Dillon said family members told police that the victim does not have dementia or any history of falling.

The incident occurred at about 7 p.m. June 8 at the victim’s house on Truman Street, where Brown lived in an apartment behind the main house, Dillon said.

According to an arrest warrant, the grandmother told her grandson to lower his voice and stop cursing while he was outside on the phone, then locked the door and closed the blinds.

She then heard a loud noise and saw Brown knock the door in.

Dillon said investigators believe Brown repeatedly punched his grandmother in the face, knocking her down and causing significant facial bleeding and bruising.

Brown told his grandmother that she had fallen, according to the warrant for his arrest and that he had taken her to her room, where Brown’s mother found her bleeding.

East Baton Rouge Emergency Medical Services were called and transported the woman to a hospital.

At the hospital, Brown continued to tell family members his grandmother had fallen, while she was adamant she did not, but would not divulge what happened.

At a doctor’s appointment on June 26, the victim finally disclosed to her daughter-in-law that she was punched in the face and did not fall, the warrant says.

When police questioned Brown about the incident, he stuck to his story that his grandmother had fallen and said the damage to the door was pre-existing and had nothing to do with what happened that night.

Robert Stokes, the victim’s son, said no one was surprised at what happened.

“We expected this,” because of his violent past, Stokes said.

According to online court records, Brown pleaded guilty to simple battery and false imprisonment in 2002, no sentence was listed, and received five years’ probation in 2011 for second-degree battery.

Stokes said his mother was reluctant to say what happened because Brown intimidated her.

“When she was in the hospital for a week or so, he was right there and would intimidate her, not by speaking, but by his presence,” Stokes said.

She also was fearful of retribution because of Brown’s violent past.

Stokes said Brown’s violent history has caused him to be distant from the close-knit family.

“They know how he is and they just don’t want to bother with him,” he said.