Scott City Council to extend Apollo Road

The City Council voted unanimously Thursday to adopt the right of way to begin the extension of Apollo Road to Rue de Belier.

Scott Mayor Purvis Morrison said the city acquired a right-of-way agreement from the Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government for the project. The agreement was needed because Apollo Road runs through the parish.

“We had to make it a public necessity to purchase the rights of ways,” Morrison said. “This gives us an opportunity to move forward with the project.”

The project is estimated to cost $10 million to $15 million and is planned to start at the north intersection of Apollo Road and Cameron Street and go two miles south through vacant land to the intersection of Dulles Drive and Rue de Belier.

Other items discussed during the meeting included:

CANAL CLEARING: The council also voted unanimously to authorize Morrison to get an intergovernmental agreement with city-parish government concerning the clearing out of 400 acres of floodway around the Ile Des Cannes canal.

Morrison said the city has $3.8 million from a relief fund from hurricanes Ike and Gustav in 2008 that will go to fund the project.

“This is a huge project that we have been trying to get done for about 25 years,” Morrison said. “We didn’t have the money and the project stalled. We were able to find that money and so we are finally going to get that canal cleaned. This is going to be huge for the city.”

Morrison said the $3.8 million will be enough to clean the canal to Old Spanish Trail and Cameron Street. He said another $1 million will be needed to finish the project, which would clean out the floodway all the way to Interstate 10.

“We have been talking with the parish government (about receiving funding) and we are hopeful,” Morrison said. “We may have to pitch in as well, but hopefully we can do that and we’ll take it from there.”

ANNEXATION: The council also voted unanimously to annex an 11.9-acre site at 450 N. Fieldspan off of Rue Bon Secours for Pipeline Environmental Compression Industries to build a facility.

Morrison said it will be a “nice little” growth opportunity for the city.

“Our limits are pretty well defined to the east of Lafayette,” Morrison said. “Our growth will definitely be to the west and north. This will not infringe on anyone else. We don’t have anyone here who tries to annex anyone in. (PECI) asked us and we are going to try as best we can.”

Morrison said the building alone could bring in “half-a-million dollars” of tax revenue to the city.

“It will bring taxes on all the materials they buy and it will bring us some new jobs,” Morrison said. “Bringing in businesses will always help our other businesses as well, like our local restaurants. It’s going to be nice for the city.”