StudentsFirst group rates Louisiana education policies high

Louisiana has the best “policy environments” in the nation for improving public schools, including a new law that makes it harder for public school teachers to earn and keep job security, according
to a report issued on Monday.

The report, which did not include student achievement or school quality, was done by the education policy group StudentsFirst, which is headed by former District of Columbia Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee.

Louisiana’s overall
score was listed as a “B minus.”

Only 12 states got overall grades of B or C.

More than two-thirds of states reviewed were given a D or F.

The review focused on state policies to improve the teaching profession, including “meaningful” evaluations; empowering parents through “quality choices” and other
steps and how well
states spend education dollars.

Louisiana got an A in its bid to improve the teaching profession, a C in efforts to empower parents and a C-minus in education spending.

The report said Louisiana and Florida “are exemplary states in terms of instituting laws and policies that elevate the teaching profession.”

Laws pushed by Gov. Bobby Jindal in 2012 and 2010 will make it harder for teachers to earn and retain tenure and link half of a teacher’s job review to the growth of student achievement.