good fellows-good samaritans

Good Fellows-Good Samaritans is collecting money to provide clothing and Christmas toys to needy families and their children. Donations are tax deductible and may be sent to Good Fellows-Good Samaritans Christmas Fund, P.O. Box 3766, Baton Rouge, LA 70821. The organization needs to raise $50,000 to meet Christmas needs every year.


In memory of Aubrey and Barbara Bunch by Judith Bunch, $20; Lamar and Annie Simmons, $10; Childhood memories by Mr. and Mrs. Alton Templet, $100; Anonymous, $25; In memory of Addie Davis Guichet by Judy and Ronald Sanders, $25; In memory of Dorothy and Don Mass by Charles B. Maas, Jr., $25; Ross Shuffield, Jr., $100; In memory of Burt Jackson by the ZBJ’s, $50; Donald Boudreaux, $50; Mason and John Riley, and Catherine and J.P., $200; Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Cantwell, $100; Dr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Dyer, $125; William and Marie Bennett, $50; In memory of Harry and Laura Heritage by Christie Baird, $100; In memory of T.B. and Eula Lee Bennett by Thomas Bennett, Jr., $50; Armando and Consuelo Corripio, $200; In memory of Emma and Grover Harper by Robert and Sharon Harper, $50; In memory of Ben and Hilda Skidmore and Lucien and Mary Virga by M/M V.M. Virga, $25; Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Walker, $100; Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Murrill, $100; Mr. and Mrs. John F. Maxwell, $50; Elizabeth Treppendahl, $60; Steven and Rebecca Gammon, $20; Miremont-Schoolmaker Construction Co., Inc., $500; Anonymous, $10; In memory of Mr. & Mrs. H.J. Cavalier by Willis and Vivian Daniel, $50; Anonymous, $25; Anonymous, $25; In memory of Wesley B. Root, Jr. by Marilyn Root, $100; In memory of Josef Sternberg by Mary Ann Sternberg, $250; Anonymous, $20; Anonymous, $100; Jill Dawson, $200; Dr. & Mrs. Al. S. Haase, Jr., $100; In memory of Anna and Arthur, $50; In memory of Conrad S. Adkins, $50; In memory of the Frey and Higgens Families by Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Frey, Jr., $200; Dorothy and Arthur Keesing, $50; Jeremy and Suzanne Weerns, $100; In memory of Mama Langlois by Helen P. Langlois, $50; Carolyn Ourso, $25; Anonymous, $100; In memory of Jay Bergeron by Nell B. Bergeron and family, $25; Elaine Tamplain, $30; Mr. and Mrs. Marion C. Day, Jr., $200; Frankie B. Platte, $25; In honor of Connor & Cameron Little; Parker & Brooks Madison; and Kaplan, Parks & Reed McMains by Carol Little, $100; Henry T. Stremlau, $100; Betty S. Carpenter, $100; Doris Bankston, $30; In memory of Brandon Seth Fall by Jeremy Fall, $25; In memory of Brandon Seth Fall by Fernand and Millie Fall, $25; Calvin L. Robbins, Jr. CPA, $100; William and Carolyn Lane, $50; In memory of Deed, Buddy and Mama Bear and Papa Bear by Mary H. McCowan, $100; In memory of Mr. and Mrs. James P. Hamb; Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Roberts and Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Alexandra, $100; In memory of Ethel Eichmeir, Lonnie DuPont and Jennifer Rabalais by Andrea Eickmeier, $300; Ned and Laura Clark, $30; Martha M. Bourg, $20; Wynona Peters, $100; In memory of Rose and Walter Kirsch by Diane and Warren Kirsch, $50; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Landry, Jr., $25; Steven and Harriet Esneault, $100; Joel D. Williams, $75; Cris Mandry, MD, $250; Edith Boudreaux, $25; In memory of Deborah Kay Davis by Thomas and Hazel Davis, $50; Robert L. Lunsford, Architect, $300; In memory of Eldrege Townsend by Inez Townsend, $25; Thomas and Francis Beckers, $50; In memory of Paw-Paw by A-J-S-M-K-J-E-N, $200; Dance by Trudie Dancers, $25; ACW, $50; Anonymous, $150; In memory of Sidney & Helene Kantron Blitzer by Carol Anne Blitzer, $100; Mr. and Mrs. T.P. Rozas, $100; JAF, $200; Sarah B. D’Autremont, MD, $200; Kevin Harris, Architect, LLC, $25; Donald Daigle, $25; Stemmans & Alley, PLLC, Attorneys & Counselors at Law, $75; Donna Mayeaux, $25; Dr. and Mrs. O.M. Thompson, $100; Gloria Anderson, $100; Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Rotenberg, $100; In memory of Kay Fenton by Michael Avant, $50; Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone Williams, $35; Bill Elam, $25; In memory of Ed and Leona Littlefield by Gary and Debra Littlefield, $25; In memory of Ed and Leona Littlefield by Gary and Debra Littlefield, $25; In memory of Bert and Margie Roussel by Gary and Debra Littlefield, $25; In memory of Harold and Reba Littlefield by Gary and Debra Littlefield, $25; In memory of Paul Littlefield Sr. by Gary and Debra Littlefield, $25; Betty Lou Hebert, $25; E.L. and Frances Henry, $100; Constance T. Butler, $25; Elizabeth S. Pecquet, $25; Barbara Kearny, $50; Viola T. Taylor, $50; Marvin and Lauren Ragland, $25; Bobby and Ruthie Fahey, $50; Carolyn Stutts, $100; Anonymous, $100; Wayne Brougham, $50; DiGiulio Brothers, $300; In memory of Ethel B. Bailey, Lorraine F. Gordon and Louise M. Meyer by Mary Carolyne Coco, $50; In memory of Rodney G. Coco by Evelyn T. Coco, $50; In memory of John Gamsjager, Cynthia Gamsjager and Shawn McMahon by Nancy Oehrle, $100; Jay and Liz Jolly, $250; In memory of Ben and Perry Howard by Katie Howard, $50.

Total to date: $9,110

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