Federal prosecutor drops bomb threat charge

Prosecutors on Wednesday dropped a federal charge against William Bouvay of conveying a false bomb threat that closed LSU’s campus in mid-September.

Bouvay, 42, 8224 Skysail Ave., remains charged in 19th Judicial District Court for the same alleged bomb threat, and state prosecutors have filed notice that he will be tried as an alleged habitual offender.

Bouvay has prior convictions for domestic abuse/battery and improper phone communication.

“Since a successful state prosecution will result in a considerably higher sentence than a federal prosecution, we have dismissed the federal charge without prejudice to reinstate our charge,” U.S. Attorney Donald J. Cazayoux Jr. said in a statement. “This dismissal is a testament to our confidence in (District Attorney) Hillar Moore and his office’s ability to secure justice in this important case.”

The federal charge dismissed against Bouvay carried a possible penalty of 10 years in prison.

If convicted on the state charge as a habitual offender, Cazayoux said, Bouvay would face a mandatory prison term of at least 13 years and possibly as many as 40.

In court records, Bouvay is alleged to have called 911 on Sept. 17 and said: “Yes, I planted three bombs at LSU’s campus. My colleagues planted three bombs at LSU to go off in two hours if my …”

The caller did not finish that sentence.

The LSU campus was shut down for 12 hours because of the false threat.

Jailed in lieu of bail of $1 million, Bouvay’s next scheduled court appearance is Dec. 10 before state District Judge Lou Daniel.