In Toon With Walt contest winner for July 21, 2014

You folks really outdid yourselves this time! (Cue the soundtrack from “Jaws”) We received over 200 entries many of them with funny punchlines about lawyers--- some of them from lawyers themselves! You also emailed lots of politician shark jokes---NONE of them from politicians themselves... Go figure!

The winner and honorable mentions had some serious competition. They are listed below. Thanks to all who entered and don’t give up on the next caption contest... You may be our next winner! For now--- I’m getting out of this sticky heat and heading to the pool.... Hope I don’t spot any circling fins.

The winner was William A. Schultz of New Orleans with the punchline drawn into the toon.


• Carol A Ducote of Baton Rouge: “Guess this pool was purchased with a PAYDAY LOAN!!”

• Robin Truax of Denham Springs: “Dad said it was salt water intrusion...”

• Bertha Hinojosa of Baton Rouge: “I can see Lois Lerner’s hard drive laying on the bottom.”

Stay ‘tooned--- Walt

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