In Toon With Walt contest winner for March 17, 2014

Wow! You folks did it again! With only three days to beat the deadline clock this time, more than 300 of you sent in a wide variety of funny, crazy, loopy, scary and just plain strange (in a good way) punchlines. With dozens of “Obama took the money,” “Jindal took the money,” Blame Bush,” “Obamacare broke us” and even “Edwin Edwards took the money” punchlines, here are the winners for the St. Patrick’s Day Caption Contest. Great job, everyone. Keep your punchline pad handy... We’re gonna do it again soon.

­‑ Walt


Chet Mouton - Baker


• Donald Moore - Baton Rouge: “Yikes!!! Our trust fund has been used to balance the state budget.”

• Jack Fernandez - Metairie: “Obama said if I liked my gold, I could keep my gold, period”

• Joan D. Burke - Slidell: “LOUISIANA POLITICIANS!!!!”

• Tom Douglass - New Orleans: “What do you mean Drew and Jimmy took it all.”

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