Photos: UL-Lafayette bomb threat suspect

LAFAYETTE — DNA on a discarded glove near the scene of an attempted bank robbery led investigators to the man accused of calling in a bomb threat at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to distract police while he attempted to rob the bank.

The FBI on Tuesday announced the arrest of Devin Haywood, 30, of Lafayette, in last week’s bomb threat at UL-Lafayette, a hoax to distract authorities while he tried, unsuccessfully, to rob the MidSouth Bank in the 2800 block of Moss Street.

Haywood was on parole after serving about eight years of a 10-year sentence for a 2005 bank robbery in Jefferson Parish.

DNA taken from him after his conviction on that charge matched DNA pulled from a glove that, along with zip ties, was found in a discarded gym bag near MidSouth Bank last week, according to the federal criminal complaint.

Investigators said security video shows the robbery suspect discarding the gym bag while running from the bank after the botched robbery.

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