Photos: Disputes at Jetson Center

The dispute spawned over some stolen candy.

Because no one would admit to the misdeed, all the boys inside one of the dormitories at Jetson Center for Youth near Baker crowded into a bathroom. It was the only unmonitored spot in the dorm where video cameras couldn’t record their squabbles.

The lone guard assigned to the dorm helped organize the gathering, according to a state investigation into the incident, eventually joining the juvenile convicts inside the bathroom for an old-fashioned conflict resolution event where — at least in this case — problems could be hashed out one slug at a time.

The incident, which led to a teen’s broken jaw, sheds some light on the environment at Jetson prior to its closure. It represents a hard-to-shake culture in stark contrast to the constructive rehabilitative methods that for years state officials have touted as the future of juvenile corrections in Louisiana.

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