Electrical problem may be cause of St. Francisville fire

Firefighters in West Feliciana battled a house fire early Monday in St. Francisville that destroyed the home and felled a telephone pole.

Members of the West Feliciana Fire Protection District No. 1 and St. Francisville Fire Department arrived at 9851 Duncan St. after getting the call at 3:50 a.m., said Chief James R. Wood, of the West Feliciana Fire Protection District No. 1.

The fire had already engulfed about a third of the home when firefighters arrived, but they quickly extinguished the flames, Wood said.

The fire also burned a wire that stretched to another home, creating tension in a telephone pole and causing it to snap in half, Wood said. The downed pole left electrical wires hanging to the ground.

A preliminary investigation shows the fire may have been caused by an electrical problem inside a wire in one of the walls, Wood said.

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