La. Treasury to help students reclaim money lost in LSU McDonald’s fraud

Nearly 4,000 LSU students who lost money in the massive fraud scheme by former McDonald’s employees at the restaurant’s campus location can use the state Treasury Department’s website to try to reclaim their money.

State Treasurer John Kennedy said in a news release that LSU reached out to his office to help the students reclaim the stolen money.

“We’ve added the names and information of 3,900 former students and alumni to our online Unclaimed Property database,” Kennedy said in the release.

An investigation by LSU Police revealed some cashiers and managers were overcharging students on school-issued debit cards, pocketing the difference and falsifying records to hide the thefts.

Nine people have been arrested in the scheme, Capt. Cory Lalonde, an LSU Police spokesman, said Wednesday.

Records going back to March 2013 indicate more than $31,000 was stolen.

Anyone searching to see if they will be owed a refund can go either to the Treasury’s main Unclaimed Property search page at or call (888) 925-4127 during business hours Monday through Friday.