In Toon With Walt: Here’s your chance to be a cartoonist

OK, Folks... It’s your turn once again to come up with a funny, witty, snarky or just plain goofy punchline for this latest word balloon contest.

This one features a guy in an Easter bunny suit labeled, “Louisiana Legislature” being yelled at by a kid. What the heck is he saying? You tell me.

Submit your punchline to All entries must include your home address and phone number so you can be easily reached. The submission deadline is midnight Thursday, April 10.

The winning entry, along with a selection of finalists, will appear in print and on and on Monday, April 14. The winner will also receive a signed color print of the cartoon with their punchline lettered into it along with some other cool Advocate stuff.

You folks were so clever last time... Can’t wait to see what you come up with here!

Good luck ~ Walt