Venyu opens new Baton Rouge facility

Venyu, a Baton Rouge national data services provider, has opened its new $14 million, 23,000-square-foot facility in Baton Rouge — giving it a third data center.

The center offers new levels of data storage capacity and security that exceed the industry standards for cloud-based data services, said Tommy Curb, Venyu executive vice president of business development.

The company’s first data center, BTR1 at Bonne Carré Business Park, has 32,000 square feet of space.

That center includes room for about 100 cubicles set aside for customers to use following disasters.

The company opened its second center in 2011 in the Cyber Innovation Center in Bossier City.

Venyu — a subsidiary of Gonzales telecommunications company Eatel since September — has invested $20 million in the data centers and services such as Venyu Cloud over the past three years, Curb said.

“That’s infrastructure that we’re building so that our customer base doesn’t have to go out and purchase it,” Curb said.

The demand for data center services, such as co-location, cloud hosting, managed hosting and cloud backup, is increasing as businesses look for more cost-effective information technology solutions, according to the company.

The new Baton Rouge data center offers added flexibility and on-demand IT capacity for Venyu’s customers.

The expansion takes the center from one megawatt of power to three megawatts. A megawatt is enough energy to power about 460 homes for a year in Louisiana.

“We’re able to do more with less from a space perspective but it consumes more power, so your power density per square foot has to match that need,” said Matt Wallace, vice president of marketing.