Baton Rouge prosecutor stops would-be burglar

As an officer of the court, and a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Walt Green has an obligation to fight crime and injustice wherever he sees it.

He just didn’t know it would be during an early morning walk Sunday with help from one of his two English bulldogs.

Green, the acting U.S. attorney in the Middle District of Louisiana in Baton Rouge, foiled a would-be burglar from breaking into a neighbor’s home at about 5:15 a.m. Sunday in the 1800 block of East Lakeshore Drive while enjoying a walk with his two rescue dogs, Haus and Tulip.

“I’ve had some experience and some training in this, with physical altercation or physical contact,” Green said. “My Marine Corps training kicked in when we were in the physical altercation.”

In the early morning darkness, Green said, he noticed a man trying to pry open a neighbor’s door while the neighbors slept.

Green, no stranger to confrontations from his lengthy law career and 25 years in the Marine Corps, walked up to the man, startling him.

They began tussling — Green said he did not see a weapon, but cannot say for sure if the man was armed or not — in front of the house. Before long, Green tackled the man in the middle of East Lakeshore.

Eventually, the fight moved to City Park, where, Green said, he subdued the man using holds he learned in the Marine Corps.

Green said he also received a little help from 60-pound Haus.

The dog grabbed the person by the pant leg while Green had him under control.

“It was like the zoo out there,” Green said. “He (Haus) was definitely trying to help me out.”

Realizing there was no one else around and he could not hold the man for too much longer, Green released the hold and ran back to his home to call Baton Rouge police.

The man quickly ran away, Green said.

Once police arrived, Green’s experience as a prosecutor kicked in as he tried to be as detailed as possible in describing the person and what happened.

After the police left, Green emailed colleagues to let them know he was OK.

District Attorney Hillar Moore III regularly works out with Green so he said he knows Green is in good shape and can take care of himself.

“Walt is a man,” Moore said. “He’s not afraid of anything, and he’s a soldier and I expect him to do exactly what he did.”