Arrest warrants issued for four men wanted in violent robbery

Four men are wanted in a robbery during which a man was beaten unconscious, the sister of two of the robbers was struck in the head and a baby seat was flipped over with an infant still strapped in, according to arrest warrants issued by the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office.

One of the victims told deputies her two brothers, Ervin Reed Marshall II, 27, and Christopher Kendall Marshall, 25, along with two other men, Darby Jerome Griffin Jr., 23 and Courtney Lewis, 25, drove up in a white Chevrolet Impala and blocked the victims from leaving the parking lot at 1809 Jade Ave., according to the arrest warrants.

The other victim corroborated the suspects’ identities, the warrant says.

The two Marshalls and Lewis jumped out the Impala and began attacking the victims, the warrants say.

Griffin allegedly stayed in the car during the attack.

“The female was struck in the head, and the male victim was beaten and dragged from the car,” Cpl. Jordan Webb wrote in the warrants. “The male was beaten until he lost consciousness.”

During the fracas, someone, the warrants do not say who, went back into the car and flipped over a car seat with the woman’s infant son still strapped in the seat, the warrants say. The warrant does not say whether the infant was harmed.

The attackers grabbed two cellphones as well as $1,200 in cash and fled the area, the warrants say.

When deputies arrived at the scene, they found blood inside the victims’ vehicle as well as hair from the two adult victims on the ground outside the car, the warrants say.

“The male victim was vomiting and had obvious trauma to his face, including a gash on his lip and swelling throughout,” Webb wrote in the warrants.

Griffin, 1312 Jasper Ave., Apt. C, Baton Rouge; Lewis, 33380 Bowie St., White Castle; Ervin Reed Marshall, 1962 Rhodes Ave., Baton Rouge; and Christopher Kendall Marshall, 8757 Granite Drive, Baton Rouge, are all wanted on counts of second-degree robbery, second-degree battery, simple robbery, simple battery and cruelty to a juvenile, the warrants show.