Four LSU student workers in past month accused of falsifying timesheets

LSU Police arrested two more students accused of falsifying their payroll sheets, bringing to four the number of student workers arrested in the past month at LSU after supervisors noticed irregularities in payroll logs.

Zachary Joseph Boudreaux, 19, 1612 Bradford Circle, Covington, and Jazmine Ariyan Wilson, 20, 4122 Mirabeau Ave., New Orleans, were booked into Parish Prison on counts of filing false public records.

Two other students, Gabrielle Perry, 22, 5075 Nicholson Drive, Baton Rouge, and Cade Thomasson, 20, 9436 Corsica Ave., Baton Rouge, have been arrested since Jan. 22, in similar instances of falsifying time sheets, prison records show.

Perry was booked on 27 counts of payroll fraud and Thomasson was booked on two counts of forgery and one count of payroll fraud, prison records show.

LSU Dean of Students K.C. White said the students are still enrolled in the university.

She said the students could face discipline for violating the students’ code of conduct, but she could not get into each case because of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and, in some cases, because she did not have records.

The punishment from the university ranges from warnings to expulsion, White said.

The difference between filing false public records and payroll fraud is that, in Boudreaux’s and Wilson’s cases, investigators arrested them and supervisors straightened everything out before the students were paid while Perry and Cade each received the money.

Capt. Cory Lalonde, a spokesman for LSU Police, said the students admitted to wrongdoing.

Perry is accused of submitting 27 forged timesheets from July 2012 to December 2013 and receiving more than $9,000. Thomasson is accused of filing three false payroll forms with forged signatures, an affidavit of probable cause says. He received $969 for 102 hours he did not work.

With Boudreaux and Wilson, surveillance cameras captured both walking into the building at the beginning of their shift — on Feb. 10 for Boudreaux and Feb. 11 and Feb. 13 for Wilson — sign in, then walk out, affidavits of probable cause say. Wilson admitted to police he did the same thing on Feb. 3 and Feb. 5, an affidavit says.