Minor propane leak reported at ExxonMobil in BR

ExxonMobil officials say their instruments detected a propane leak from a unit in the refinery Monday afternoon, but they were able to contain it before it got out of hand.

Shabaka Gibson, an ExxonMobil spokesman, said it was too soon to know how much propane escaped from the unit, but air-monitoring devices stationed on the fences on the outer perimeter of the facility have not picked up any hint of the gas.

No injuries have been reported, Gibson said.

“Nothing’s come close to leaving the facility,” Gibson said. “There’s no impact to the outside community. Everything’s contained, everything’s fine.”

Gibson said Louisiana State Police and the state Department of Environmental Quality were notified of the leak.

State Police spokesman Lt. J.B.Slaton characterized the leak as very minor and said their hazardous materials units did not deploy to the refinery.

Officials do not know what caused the leak, Gibson said.