Jindal headed to Texas before Asia trip

Two days ahead of his trip to Asia, Gov. Bobby Jindal flew to Texas Thursday for a speech and meetings.

Jindal’s first stop was Austin, where he planned to address the Texas Public Policy Foundation about the court battle in Louisiana over vouchers. From Austin, the governor went to Houston for meetings concerning his new nonprofit, America Next.

The governor is embroiled in a fight with the federal government over a program that uses state dollars to provide private school tuition for children across Louisiana. At issue is whether the federal government should have some level of scrutiny over the program.

Jindal gave the keynote address Thursday at the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s luncheon, part of a three-day event designed to serve as a policy orientation for the 2014 Texas Legislature. U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, will address the foundation Friday.

While in Texas, the governor also planned to find time for America Next. Jindal launched the Washington, D.C., nonprofit group in October to deliver solutions on health care, energy, education and other national issues.

The governor said Wednesday that those solutions will unfold over the next year.

On Saturday, Jindal leaves for Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. He and state Economic Development Secretary Stephen Moret plan to sit down with business leaders about potential job-creating projects for Louisiana.