East Feliciana schools superintendent’s contract extended for 2 years

East Feliciana Parish School Board members approved a two-year extension Tuesday to the contract of Superintendent Henderson Lewis Jr., praising him for being easy to work with and for introducing progressive initiatives that have moved the school district forward.

The extension begins July 1, 2015 and ends June 30, 2017.

Board member Richard Terrell abstained from the vote, saying he would be a “lame duck” superintendent that might give a new board some issues to deal with.

Although he did not go into detail, Terrell said he had no qualms with Lewis’ job performance, but did not want to cause a problem that a new board might encounter.

Bradford said the contract extension does not give any additional incentives, but remains the same as it is now.

Also Tuesday, the financial auditor for Postlethwaite and Netterville of Baton Rouge found no material weaknesses with the system’s financial accounting.

In her report, Tiffani Dorsa, an audit director for the firm, noted that the board saw a $2.3 million ending balance for 2013 that included a $120,000 increase.

Total revenue for the school district is nearly $23 million with $22 million in expenses, according to the report. Of that amount nearly 56 percent, or $12 million, is allocated to salaries and another 24 percent, $5 million, is devoted to employee taxes and benefits.

The school system has seen a growth in property and sales taxes, said the auditor. At the same time, the board continues to work to try and keep the expenses “flat.”