A few minutes with Lynn Robertson

POSITION: Port Allen interim mayor

AGE: 57

On Dec. 17, Gov. Bobby Jindal appointed Lynn Robertson as interim mayor of Port Allen after the recall of former mayor Demetric “Deedy” Slaughter. Robertson will fill in until a new full-time mayor is elected during spring elections in April and May. Robertson’s appointment comes after Slaughter’s controversial 11-month tenure, which was marked by racial tension between Slaughter and the three white members of the city’s five-member council. Robertson previously served as the city’s first woman mayor from 1993 to 2004. She also serves on the Greater Baton Rouge Port Commission as a gubernatorial appointee representing West Baton Rouge Parish.

What are some of your immediate goals?

My focus is on community development. Our Master Planning Committee will move forward on some short-term goals for the community. Of course, the top priority is adopting a budget so that our employees and citizens are confident in the financial stability of the city of Port Allen.

What have been your thoughts on the turmoil between Slaughter and members of the City Council?

I am not a person that dwells on the past. My focus and energy is always on the possibilities of the future.

Do you think it’s possible to bring the community back together?

It is imperative that we bring the community together to work on a common goal of highlighting the great things that are happening in Port Allen and West Baton Rouge Parish. The citizens, employees, elected officials and business community can all play a part in this process.

What piqued your interest about returning to City Hall?

Public service has always been important to me — being able to help make our community a better place to live and work.

Can you tell us what your conversations with council members have been about since stepping in as interim mayor?

Adopting a budget is the top priority of the council and administration. We are prepared to work together as a team in the future.

Westside Bureau Chief Terry Jones