BR teen accused in rape at high school

A Baton Rouge teen is accused of serving as a lookout at a local high school this fall while a 14-year-old girl was sexually assaulted inside a bathroom stall.

Sheriff’s deputies took out a warrant last week for Dwayne Reed, 18, 12400 Jefferson Highway Apt. 2607. Reed is wanted as a principal to forcible rape in the Oct. 3 incident.

The 14-year-old victim “was pulled into the boys bathroom at a local high school and forced to perform oral sex on a male student,” the warrant says. That male student, who is a juvenile, was arrested Oct. 17, accused of grabbing the girl’s backpack and dragging her into the bathroom.

The high school was not named in the warrant, but Reed received a summons in an unrelated theft case at Woodlawn High School the day after the rape. Court filings in the theft case show Reed was recommended for expulsion.

Word of the sexual assault spread quickly at the school and prompted a criminal investigation.

The 14-year-old told investigators she had been walking down the hall with Reed and the juvenile boy when the latter told Reed to check whether a teacher was coming. Surveillance footage shows Reed “standing outside the bathroom as a lookout,” the warrant says.

Once inside the bathroom, the girl said, the juvenile boy forced her to perform oral sex on him.

“The victim stated that after he finished, they walked out of the stall and other boys began grabbing her in an attempt to pull her back into the stall,” the warrant says.

School officials learned of the incident the following day, after a crowd of students “gathered on the lunch shift around the victim.” The principal dispersed the crowd, the warrant says, and was told by another student about the attack.

“The principal advised that he contacted the victim’s parents and, after initially denying that anything had occurred, she admitted to another administrator about what happened,” the warrant says.

The principal, Daniel B. Edwards, declined comment on the incident. A school district spokesman, Keith Bromery, said school officials followed proper protocols in notifying the authorities and parents of the students involved.

“We did a thorough investigation internally,” Bromery said. “Safeguards have been initiated to lessen the likelihood of similar incidents happening at the school in the future.”

A week after the rape, detectives learned from school officials that several students had witnessed Reed inside the bathroom along with the juvenile boy. One of those witnesses told investigators he witnessed Reed sitting on the floor of the bathroom wearing a black jacket at the time of the rape, and that both boys tried to attack him after they learned he’d told other students of the incident.

The principal interviewed Reed and received a statement from him in which Reed admitted being in the bathroom “looking out for my son,” the warrant says.

In the unrelated theft case, which remains pending, Reed was accused of snatching a $20 bill from a student who was about to use the cash to buy football tickets at the school.

Reed “freely admitted to taking the money from out of her hand,” according to a police report, “stating he made a stupid mistake and didn’t even know why he did it.”

Details about the juvenile arrested in the sexual assault case were not available Monday. It also was not immediately clear why the warrant for Reed was issued so many weeks after the sexual assault.