Free help to quit:

Free help to quit

Tobacco use can lead to serious health problems, including lung, head and neck, bladder, kidney and cervical cancers. Because of these risks, Mary Bird Perkins — Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center offers Geaux Free, a free tobacco cessation counseling service to help people kick the habit.

“Health benefits begin almost immediately when people quit using tobacco, including your heart rate returning to normal, and your risk of a heart attack decreasing,” said Dr. Brad Vincent, interventional pulmonologist and chairman of the Cancer Center’s Lung Multidisciplinary Care Team. “Over time, your lung function improves significantly and your risk for developing cancer is decreased.”

The Cancer Center’s Geaux Free program helps individuals prepare for quitting, manage withdrawal symptoms, identify triggers that create urges, and learn new behavior and skills to help remain tobacco-free.

Weekly one-hour classes begin Wednesday, Jan. 8. Day, evening and weekend options are available and taught by a certified tobacco cessation counselor.

For more information, call (225) 215-1274.