Alleged gang member indicted in Honduran man’s slaying

An alleged gang member was indicted Thursday in the killing of a Honduran man in the crime-riddled Gardere area on June 6, just weeks after attending a meeting sponsored by the Baton Rouge Area Violence Elimination initiative.

Authorities have said Trevor Georgetown, 18, bragged about killing a “Mexican” and even showed the murder weapon to a witness.

Georgetown, 8024 Skysail Ave., was one of about 40 youths who attended a BRAVE call-in session in April during which law enforcement officials offered resources — and a stern warning — to youths considered most likely to commit future crimes because of their gang affiliation or violent history.

They were given three options: Participate in treatment and other programs offered through BRAVE, give up on their criminal ways without BRAVE’s help or continue to commit criminal acts and be punished accordingly.

Weeks later, on June 6, Georgetown allegedly fatally shot 18-year-old Franklin “Franco” Ely Lara-Solis and fired shots at Lara-Solis’ friend.

Lara-Solis was visiting his sister in the Gardere area.

The shooting in front of an apartment complex on Jade Avenue prompted authorities to arrest Georgetown, who is a suspected Block Boyz gang member, and eight alleged associates of the Baton Rouge street gang.

“I ain’t did that man, you know I ain’t did that,” Georgetown said July 3 as he was being escorted to a squad car outside the East Baton Rouge Parish Violent Crimes Unit on Independence Boulevard.

A parish grand jury Thursday charged Georgetown with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder.

A second-degree murder conviction would carry a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

Authorities said Lara-Solis was on his way to a late-night soccer game with a friend at the time of the shooting. He decided to wait in his friend’s pickup — with the window down — while the friend went upstairs to get a change of shoes for the game.

Georgetown is accused of walking up to the truck wearing a ski mask and shooting Lara-Solis in the chest, stealing Lara-Solis’ cellphone. Georgetown also fired shots at Lara-Solis’ friend when he approached the vehicle, but the shots missed.

Georgetown, who has been arrested numerous times and had already been under indictment for armed robbery and marijuana possession, was in jail on burglary charges when he was booked in the Gardere slaying.

The federally funded BRAVE project has sought to identify and deter gangs because they are frequently linked to the fatal shootings and retaliatory killings that have driven the city’s murder rate.

Georgetown’s case has been assigned to state District Judge Trudy White.