LSU looking for cats, dogs to help with therapy

The LSU College of Agriculture is looking for volunteers who will let their dogs and cats take part in the college’s Animal Assisted Therapy, or AAT, program.

“We’re looking for a few more good dogs and cats of any shape and size,” said Betsy Garrison, associate dean of the College of Agriculture and rector for the Agriculture Residential College program.

Arrangements have been made for Diane Sylvester, director of the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine’s Tiger HATS program, to evaluate dogs and cats at 6 p.m. Wednesday on the grounds of the LSU Vet School.

In Animal Assisted Therapy, a dog or cat is used as an integral part of the medical treatment process. The therapy has been used to establish a human-animal bond and promote good health and the recovery of illness and some diseases.

To volunteer a dog or a cat for the ARC’s Animal Assisted Therapy program, or for more information on the program, email or contact Garrison at (225) 578-2081 or email

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