Police release sketch of person of interest in attempted abduction

Baker police released a sketch Tuesday of the man a 15-year-old girl said tried to abduct her by pulling her into his vehicle Monday afternoon.

Police Chief Mike Knaps said the man is not a suspect.

“We want to talk to him, see what his side of the story is,” Knaps said. “We just have a very high interest in him.”

The girl told police she was walking home on Jefferson Street from the library, which was closed, when a man with a mohawk haircut, driving a sport utility vehicle stopped and asked her if she needed a ride home.

When she said, “No,” he cut her off with the vehicle, jumped out and grabbed her arm to pull her into the vehicle.

The teenager said she yanked her arm free and ran, and the man drove away.

Knaps described the vehicle as a silver, older-model SUV with “Rodeo” written across the back window in big letters; the kidnapper was described as a light-skinned black man.

Knaps said he talked to the victim Tuesday, and while she is still rattled, she is doing fine.

As for the investigation, Knaps said, the police are following some leads, but they are hoping the release of the sketch will get things moving.

“It’ll get the lines buzzing,” he said.

Knaps is asking anyone living on Jefferson Street between McHugh Road and Alabama Street who has video surveillance systems with cameras aimed at the street to contact Baker Police at (225) 775-6000.

He also asks anyone who may have information about the incident to call Baker police or Crimestoppers at (225) 344-7867.