Domestic shooting ends in suicide (with video)

An argument between a husband and his wife Sunday escalated, ending with the man shooting and wounding a relative before killing himself after a brief chase in a Baton Rouge neighborhood.

Jerry Lee Foster, 53, 3003 Shadows Lake Blvd., was arguing with his wife about 11 a.m. Sunday when he pulled out a gun and threatened to kill his family and himself, said Casey Rayborn Hicks, an East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman.

At the time, Foster’s teenage son was at the home of a relative where Foster drove his wife at gunpoint.

Once inside the relative’s home in the 10400 block of Springbrook Avenue, Foster gathered his son, his wife and the residents of the home, including two adults and two boys, and threatened to kill them, Hicks said.

At one point, Foster fired his gun at his wife but missed, giving the others a chance to escape, Hicks said.

During the chaos, Foster fired his gun again, Hicks said, striking the woman who lived at the house in the back of the leg.

The victim’s husband ran to the back of the house, retrieved a gun and fired at Foster several times, missing him each time, Hicks said.

The others ran out of the house, some in different directions.

When Foster went outside to find them, he found deputies who had just arrived.

When Foster saw the deputies, he jumped in his SUV, which neighbors described as a silver Lincoln Navigator, and fled with deputies in pursuit.

At some point during the chase, a deputy fired a single shot at Foster’s vehicle when Foster was speeding toward the deputy, Hicks said.

No one was injured by the bullet, she said.

After a several-minute chase through the neighborhood, Foster stopped the SUV near Springlake Drive and East Springwind Court and shot himself, Hicks said.

Several neighbors heard sirens and went outside to see what was happening during the chase, which left several yards damaged by tire trenches.

“The cops were running back and forth with machine guns,” said Kenneth Brown, a neighborhood resident who witnessed the chase.

Roland Kemp, who identified the woman who had been shot as his daughter-in-law Marlice Kemp, said two of the boys inside the house were his 12-year-old twin grandsons who fled the house and got away safely.