Local casting call out for ‘Fantastic Four’ movie

A casting call for actors and extras in the upcoming “Fantastic Four” movie says it will begin shooting in and around Baton Rouge in September.

Officials with Celtic Media Centre and Raleigh Studios have said production on a major movie will begin at the studio in September, but because of confidentially agreements can’t reveal yet what the project is.

“The production company has not officially confirmed the location of this feature,” said Liza Kelso, acting director of the Baton Rouge Film Commission.

Production on movies often begins before the official confirmation comes from a studio. Casting calls for “Battleship,” which was shot at Celtic, were going out in 2010, ahead of the confirmation of the project.

According to the posting on FeatureFilmCasting.com, casting for the “Fantastic Four” is going on in Los Angeles and Baton Rouge. While a Los Angeles casting company is looking for the stars, co-stars and supporting actors and actresses, in Baton Rouge they are looking to cast extras, background actors and stand-ins. The posting gives the address of Louisiana Media Productions on Brookline Avenue as the place to submit photos and résumés.

“Fantastic Four,” a reboot of the 2005 movie, is set for release on March 6, 2015, according to IMDB.com, which lists Baton Rouge as a filming location. The movie will be directed by Josh Trank, who directed the 2012 surprise hit “Chronicle” about high school students who gain superpowers. While the first incarnation of “Fantastic Four” starred Jessica Alba and Chris Evans, the stars of the new movie have not been cast.

“Fantastic Four” is based on the long-running Marvel comic about a team of superheroes who gain powers after being exposed to cosmic rays while on a space mission. The Fantastic Four are Mr. Fantastic, who can stretch his body into different lengths and shapes; Invisible Woman, who can make herself unseen and project force fields; the Human Torch, who can generate flames and fly; and the Thing, a powerfully strong man who has orange rock-like flesh.

The Wrap, an online publication that covers the movie industry, reported last week that 20th Century Fox decided to move production of the “Fantastic Four” from Vancouver to Louisiana because of the state’s lucrative film production tax credit program. The studio made the move after the Legislature killed a bill that would have reduced the incentive program, according to the report, which didn’t identify what city would be home for the “Fantastic Four” production.