Letter: More programs and still more poverty

It is been said that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is a good definition of insanity. I think that observation is true and aptly applies to the nation we live in.

As an educator for almost 30 years, I’ve watched our education system spend $500 billion a year on public education and each year the nation’s report card is failing.

Yet the cry is always we need more money, more programs and more computers. Ask any teacher and he or she will tell you that’s not the problem, discipline is.

As a city councilman and state party leader for more than two decades, I’ve watched our government spend $15 trillion and create millions of programs on the War on Poverty.

Yet today, we have more unemployment, more food stamps and more poverty than anytime since the Great Depression. Again, the cry is we need “stimulus money,” more programs and free phones.

We’ve not taught people to fish; we’ve taught them to stand in line. The same can be said for the War on Drugs. We are creating programs and spending trillions of dollars for the symptoms to our disease but no one wants to identify and treat the sickness.

The disease is the destruction of the American family. The government, liberal politicians, university elitist and the media have systematically demonized and destroyed much of the family structure while rewarding those who forsake it.

Today, we have half of our children born into broken or single-parent homes. Research and basic, moral common sense show that this is the formula for immorality, poverty, illiteracy, crime, drug use and government dependence. The Band-Aid bill is now close to $20 trillion and the disease rages on. May the Great Physician open the eyes of our nation before it’s too late.

Mike Fuselier


St. Martinville