Puppies abandoned in ice chest near shelter

Walker officials were looking on Wednesday for someone who abandoned 10 puppies in an ice chest near the Walker Animal Shelter on Ball Park Road.

Shelter officials received a call about the white, Igloo-brand ice chest around 3 p.m. Tuesday from a woman who lives near the facility, shelter supervisor Mary Gray said.

The woman said she had arrived home from an hour-long shopping trip with her son when they found the ice chest across the road from their house, which is about three doors down from the shelter.

The woman opened the ice chest and found the puppies inside. Two of the puppies appeared to have suffered heat stroke.

The woman called shelter officials, who then called Walker police.

“At first, we thought one of them was dead because they were so limp,” Gray said.

The dogs appear to be some sort of hound mix, Gray said.

The Walker shelter says it does not have room for the puppies and is asking for someone to rescue them.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Livingston Parish is offering a $200 reward for any information about who dumped the 10 puppies near the shelter.

This isn’t the first time people have abandoned animals in Walker in the past couple of weeks.

A man walked into the Walker shelter Tuesday with four kittens he found, Gray said. The man lives on South Satsuma Road, which is outside city limits, so the shelter couldn’t take in the animals.

The man responded by driving off and hurling the kittens out of his truck.

“He literally threw the four kittens out of the window,” Gray said.

In another case, authorities about two weeks ago found a crate on U.S. 190 in Walker holding a female black Labrador retriever and seven 5-week-old puppies, Gray said.

“The past several weeks, we have had several abandonment calls,” she said. “The ice chest today has topped the cake.”

Walker police were investigating all three abandonment cases, Gray said.

Capt. John Sharp of the Walker Police Department said late Wednesday that officers were “actively” investigating the incidents involving abandoned puppies and kittens reported this week.

Sharp added that officers would canvass the neighborhood in the vicinity of the animal shelter to find out if residents saw anything in connection with the abandoned ice chest filled with puppies.

“We are outraged over these two incidents,” Sharp said.