BRAVE plans call-in, gun buy-back

Baton Rouge law enforcement officials plan to host a gun buy-back day in July and to hold another call-in for troubled youths in the 70805 ZIP code area in September.

The two events are among those on the docket for the Baton Rouge Area Violence Elimination Project this summer to meet federal grant requirements, according to BRAVE officials.

BRAVE officials are required to host two gun buy-backs and call-ins and to host six anti-violence events and four community events, among other things, in the first year of the three-year grant.

They also are planning other community events and anti-violence block parties.

In an interview after the meeting, BRAVE Director Sgt. Herbert “Tweety” Anny said there are still several logistical issues to resolve before setting a time and location for the gun buy-back.

Monday’s meeting was a follow-up to recent law enforcement meetings in which BRAVE participants discussed homicide numbers so far this year and developed strategies for dealing with the groups and gangs in the city, Anny said.

Those meetings were not open to the public.

Anny said only 10 juveniles who attended the first call-in have accepted the services available through the program, such as family and substance abuse counseling and other services.

He said he plans to revisit families that chose not to accept the services to pitch the program to them again.

“I want to make sure I get as many people the services they need so this doesn’t go by the wayside,” Anny said.

Other highlights from the meeting include:

Discussion of establishing a system of chaplains in 70805 who will be on call and go to murder scenes to console the family and act as a buffer between the family and police.

Consideration of bringing in someone who specializes in mental health in youths.

An official from LSU said researchers expect to hear back in September about grants that would fund BRAVE’s push into 70802 and other ZIP code areas of the parish.