Ask The Advocate: Turn lane at Antioch Road

We live off of Jefferson Highway in the Pecan Creek subdivision. When you are traveling back toward Baton Rouge on Jefferson Highway and come to the light at Antioch Road, there is a sign “right turn on arrow only.” The problem is there is no turning lane to make a right turn so if you are car No. 2 waiting for the turn, the only thing you can do is look at it unless you hit the shoulder and turn. Is there any way a turn lane can be added? They could also use a left turn lane for people wanting to turn left onto Antioch. I know this backs up terribly when (classes at) Woodlawn High School are being let out.

Response from Bryan Harmon of the East Baton Rouge Parish Department of Public Works:

A major intersection improvement and extension of Antioch from Jefferson Highway to Airline Highway is currently under design. $3.1 million was provided for this project in the city-parish 2013 budget and an additional $1 million was provided in the recent June 12 budget supplement.

In addition to the city-parish funding, a local land owner/developer is providing a significant donation valued at approximately $2.5 million, which includes most of the required right of way for the project and is paying all engineering costs.

This proposed project will include a new signalized intersection with Airline Highway; new roadway alignment from Airline Highway to Jefferson Highway; a new signalized intersection with Jefferson Highway; and the re-alignment of Antioch Road to the new Jefferson Highway intersection.

Specific project impacts include the relocation/improvement of the existing skewed intersection with Jefferson Highway, additional separation from an existing single entry subdivision and reduced traffic congestion at the intersections of Airline Highway with Highland Road and with Barringer-Foreman Road.

Confusing intersection

Heading east on Goodwood Boulevard through Airline Highway, especially if you are in the left lane, can be dangerous when entering Broadmoor subdivision. The unmarked, double lanes shift to the left as you pass through the intersection. If you are in the left lane, the natural tendency is to go straight but doing so will have you glance (at) the vehicle to your right as you enter their lane. Are there any plans to correct what I believe is a serious hazard?

Response from Ingolf Partenheimer of the East Baton Rouge Parish Department of Public Works:

On June 18, Traffic Engineering placed additional signage (Right Lane Ends Merge Left) at this location prior to the merge. Additional pavement markings will be added next week (weather permitting) creating improved visual conditions for the drivers.