Frodo, Yoda make new home at BR Zoo

Brothers Frodo and Yoda are recent Baton Rouge transplants from Jackson, Miss.

The 6-year-old brothers have large, wedge-shaped heads, pointed ears, white whiskers and prominent tufts of hair.

They communicate by grunting.

The brothers, red river hogs, are the newest exhibit at BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo.

Frodo and Yoda were previously on exhibit at The Jackson Zoo in Mississippi. They were born at The Memphis Zoo in 2007 before they were moved to the Mississippi zoo.

Zoo officials said the African pigs get their name from their reddish-brown hair as well as their love of water.

“They are really neat, unique-looking animals,” Baton Rouge Zoo Curator Sam Winslow said.

The pigs usually live in groups of six under a dominant male, and their natural habitats of rainforest or damp savannah woodlands span from Senegal to the eastern border of the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to a zoo news release.

The hogs eat roots, fruit, seeds, grass, nuts, fungi, insects and small mammals.

The pair arrived in Baton Rouge 30 days ago but were kept in quarantine to ensure they were disease-free and healthy, Winslow said.

Wednesday was the first day of the Baton Rouge exhibit.

Winslow said the hogs are each about 3 feet tall and 250 pounds.

Red river hogs are not endangered but are hunted in Africa because people eat the meat, Winslow said.