Sixth suspect sought in Ascension Parish killing

Ascension Parish sheriff’s deputies searched Tuesday for a sixth man involved in the fatal slaying last week of a Donaldsonville man facing trial on a charge of second-degree murder in a 2011 homicide.

An arrest warrant for first-degree murder was issued for Dehavius Raby, 36, of 4759 Washington St., Baton Rouge, deputies said in a news release.

Sheriff’s investigators said Raby was in the car of the man accused of the fatal shooting of Bernard Solomon, 20, of 907 Pine St., Donaldsonville.

Solomon was killed the night of June 5 at Ellem Road and Stevenson Road in Geismar in what sheriff’s investigators have said was a failed attempt to buy cough medicine containing codeine, known as “lean.”

Deputies have said Solomon pulled a handgun on the man trying to sell him “lean” and the man, Ledell Maxwell, 38, 3644 Dalton St., Baton Rouge, pulled out a gun and shot Solomon.

Deputies also arrested two brothers Friday who traveled from Donaldsonville to Geismar with Solomon for the drug transaction: Jyrah Bringier, 21, of 128 Front St., and Shedrick Norra, 19, of 5849 St. Patrick St., both of Donaldsonville.

Bringier and Norra were booked into the Ascension Parish Prison with first-degree murder, deputies said.

Maxwell and two other men who also rode with Solomon were arrested Thursday on first-degree murder counts.

The other two men are Marcus Sterling, 27, of 1002 McGinnis St., and Richard Gauthier Jr., 18, of 307 Bourg St., both of Donaldsonville.

Deputies have said the shooting was not related to the November 2011 killing of Phillip Allen, 38, of 305 W. Fourth St., Apt. 3, Donaldsonville.

Solomon and two other defendants had faced prosecution on second-degree murder charges in Allen’s death and their trials had been set for May 29 before being continued last month.

Solomon had refused a plea deal for his testimony.