Gazebo renovations complete

Mandeville’s iconic gazebo was in ruins after Hurricane Isaac, but repairs by city work crews have it back in shape in time for the annual Winter on the Water celebration.

The city-sponsored holiday event is set for Saturday and includes a parade along the shore of Lake Pontchartrain that ends at the gazebo.

Mandeville Public Works Director David deGeneres said he expects the event to go as usual with only a few details left to work out.

The city did not provide an estimate of the damage to the gazebo, but deGeneres said the Federal Emergency Management Agency will contribute 75 percent of the cost of the materials and labor required for the repairs.

Hurricane Isaac struck in August, delivering a punishing blow to Mandeville’s lakefront, washing marsh grass, logs, trash and dead animals over several blocks into old Mandeville.

Its storm surge flooded more than 100 structures in the city and caused heavy damage to the fishing pier that extends into the lake near the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway.

The city estimates it will cost around $150,000 to repair the pier. Bids will be sought for that project early next year, officials said.