Watching the debate at BR’s Town Square

The Advocate interviewed several people during the U.S. presidential candidate debate on Wednesday evening and asked whom they thought was winning the debate? The interviews were conducted at North Boulevard Town Square in downtown Baton Rouge which showed the debate on the large television in the square.

Russell Kelly, 57

• Baton Rouge, retired, Democrat

“Right now, I’d say it’s about a tie. I wish they would just tell the truth about everything; it’s versions of the truth I have a problem with.”

Jeremiah Babin, 42

• Baton Rouge, entrepreneur, Republican

“I think Romney definitely did a lot better. You could see his face and President Obama wasn’t liking what he was hearing. Over the long run, Romney got more and more specific and Obama got less and less specific.”

Christina Babin, 37

• Baton Rouge, artist, Republican

“No matter what Obama is saying, I remember the past four years and being a small business owner, I don’t like what I’m seeing.”

Chandra Stacie, 34

• Baton Rouge, administrator at ExxonMobil, Independent

“I think they’re both representing themselves well.”

Jean-Pierre Marquet, 27

• Lafayette, law student, Democrat

“I don’t really think people win in debates. I think it’s imperative to hear their positions. That is the way I look at it.”

Joyce Derozan, 59

• Baton Rouge, retired, Democrat

“I don’t think right now there is a clear winner. They’re going point for point. You can tell Gov. Romney has done his homework, but Obama has done his homework too and he has the practical experience. Statistics are one thing, but real life, real time is another.”

Kenesha Antoine, 33

• Baton Rouge, entrepreneur, Democrat

“I would say right now it’s a tie. When one makes a point, the other says he’s being misrepresented.”

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