LSU President F. King Alexander pushes federal scorecard for colleges

LSU President F. King Alexander continues to draw attention for his support of a proposed federal scorecard that would reward colleges and universities for providing better value to students.

Bloomberg News describes Alexander as one of the most vocal proponents of President Barack Obama’s proposal, which would rank based schools on tuition, student debt, graduation rates and the percentage of low-income students enrolled.

Alexander and other supporters say the scorecard would mean more student-aid dollars would go to public schools and universities and away from lower-performing for-profit institutions.

“Student aid won’t be around in 10 years if we don’t do something to distinguish the good guys from bad guys,” Alexander told Bloomberg.

Alexander has spoken out in favor of the proposal at national conferenced and has also met with legislators in Washington, D.C., since the proposal’s announcement a year ago.

In an Aug. 25, 2013, story in The Advocate, Alexander said the U.S. needs to make schools demonstrate their value.

“If we do that, “LSU is going to come out on top. We’re well below the average on student indebtedness, we’re well below the average on tuition and student loan default,” Alexander said.

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