Pat Shingleton’s Weather News for Aug. 17, 2014

The Beatles appeared there for the last time in 1966. A 6.9 earthquake happened there in 1989. It was the quietest when Pope John Paul II was there in 1987. Last Thursday, Paul McCartney performed for the final time.

Candlestick Park, constructed in the late ‘50s, will become a shopping center.

Noted for its windy conditions, architect John Bolles designed it for wind protection by installing a boomerang-shaped baffle in the upper tier. The installation never worked, and for its first 10 seasons the wind whistled in from left-center toward right center.

An enclosure was added to accommodate the football 49ers, but the wind became stronger and colder.

The Stick, will be remembered as the windiest and coldest ball-yard in the major leagues.