District 7-2A, at a glance

Archbishop Hannan Hawks

#Coach: Pat Lambert (13-17)

#2012: 6-4, 2-3 in District 7-1A

#LastTimeInPlayoffs: 2012 (bidistrict)

#NowTrending: The Hawks have one of the largest Class 1A enrollments in the state and have elected to play up in this Class 2A district, which encompasses most of the north shore’s best small teams. That said, will it be more difficult than facing Kentwood, Southern Lab and the like, as Hannan did during district play in Class 1A the past few seasons? Probably.

#WorthRemembering: Lambert can rely on senior quarterback Korey Zeigler, who has started at Hannan since he was an eighth-grader.

#AdvocateSays: Most predict Hannan will finish in the middle of the district pack but, with a couple of lucky breaks, the Hawks could climb in the standings.


OFFENSE (Spread)

*OT Nathan Fouquet (6-1, 240, Sr.), *OT Austin Bourges (6-0, 230, Sr.), OG Jacob Schaeffer (6-0, 230, So.), *OG Sean Seiler (5-9, 225, Jr.), *C Jack Witte (5-9, 190, Sr.), *TE Kyle Seywald (6-3, 195, Sr.), *TE Jake Doran (5-8, 185, Sr.), *TE Daniel Hollander (6-5, 180, Jr.), *SE Jason Brooks (5-11, 190, Sr.), *QB Korey Zeigler (5-11, 188, Sr.).


*DE Austin Brazeale (5-11, 235, Sr.), *DE Patrick Bosetta (6-1, 190, Jr.), *DT Tyler Shelton (6-1, 240, Sr.), * DT Mitch Morel (5-10, 220, Jr.), *LB Bruce Dimartino (5-10, 186, Sr.), *LB Jack Witte (5-10, 190, Sr), LB Roosevelt Smith (5-10, 180, Sr.), DB Gavin Brooks (5-8, 170, So.), DB Jarod Gonzalez (5-9, 175, So.),*DB Griffin Hackenjos (5-9, 180, Jr.), *DB Zack Castellucio (5-8, 175, Sr.).


LeftAlign.41Sept. 6 Riverdale

Sept. 13 Grace King

Sept. 20 at De La Salle

Sept. 27 Pine#

Oct. 4 at Pope John Paul II#

Oct. 11 St. Thomas Aquinas#

Oct. 18 Springfield#

Oct. 25 at Northlake Christian#

Nov. 1 St. Helena#

Nov. 8 at Mount Hermon#

Mount Hermon Yellow Jackets

#Coach: Henry Crawford

#2012: 1-8

#NowTrending: This season is expected to be a rebuilding year for the Yellow Jackets. The team lost several four-year starters and its entire offensive backfield. Young players will have to fill those holes.

#WorthRemembering: Even with some experience on the field last season, the Yellow Jackets finished 1-8.

#AdvocateSays: Though Crawford will have his team ready to play, Mount Hermon certainly is in line to take some lumps this season.


LeftAlign.41Sept. 6 Sumner

Sept. 13 at Ridgewood

Sept. 20 at Crescent City Christian

Sept. 27 St. Helena Central#

Oct. 4 Northlake Christian#

Oct. 11 at Springfield#

Oct. 17 at Pine#

Oct. 25 Pope John Paul II#

Nov. 1 at St. Thomas Aquinas#

Nov. 8 Archbishop Hannan#

Northlake Christian Wolverines

#Coach: Anthony Agresta (23-16 at school, 24-19 overall)

#2012: 5-4, 3-2 in District 8-2A

#LastTimeInPlayoffs: 2012 (regionals)

#NowTrending: Experience will be the key for the Wolverines. With at least eight returning starters on defense and at least six on offense, Northlake has the bodies to play with just about anyone in the district.

#WorthRemembering: Senior quarterback Josh O’Rear was an all-district player on offense and defense in 2012 and is being courted by several big-name schools, Agresta said.

#AdvocateSays: The Wolverines will be as tough an out as any in District 8-2A this year and could improve on their postseason showing from last year.



OT Chase Jenkins (6-0, 215, So.), *OT Riley Risher (6-1, 205, Sr.), TE Matt Reck (6-1, 200, Jr.), *TE Gary Sampson (6-3, 220, Jr.), *SE Matt Miller 95-11, 170, Sr.), *SE Stefon McElveen (6-1, 175, Sr.), *RB Taylor Mussachia (5-11, 185, Sr.), *QB Josh O’Rear (6-3, 190, Sr.).


*DE Gary Sampson, *DE Riley Risher (6-1, 205, Sr.), *DT Renie Ramirez (6-0, 250, So.), LB Stefon Black (5-10, 220, Sr.), *LB Adam Riche (5-10, 180, Jr.), *DB Miguel Black (5-8, 155, Jr.), *DB Taylor Mussachia (Sr.), *DB Stefon McElveen (6-1, 175, Sr.), *DB Josh O’Rear (Sr.) or Jordan Rider (Sr.).


LeftAlign.41Sept. 6 J.S. Clark

Sept. 13 W.L. Cohen

Sept. 20 Pearl River

Sept. 27 at Springfield#

Oct. 4 at Mount Hermon#

Oct. 11 St. Helena#

Oct. 18 at St. Thomas Aquinas#

Oct. 25 Hannan#

Nov. 1 at Pine#

Nov. 8 Pope John Paul II#

Pine Raiders

#Coach: Bradley Seal

#2012: 5-4, 2-3 in District 8-2A

#LastTimeInPlayoffs: seeking first playoff berth

#NowTrending: The Raiders have a lot of talent but are not overly seasoned. The team has only four seniors, though a strong junior class provides depth. The key could be that the Raiders plan to only have two players going both ways — the fewest number in years, Seal said.

#WorthRemembering: Quarterback Derrick Dillon leads the talented crop of juniors after accounting for more than 2,000 total yards and 27 touchdowns as a sophomore.

#AdvocateSays: If Dillon and the rest of the juniors can carry Pine, this is a squad that easily could make the playoffs.


OFFENSE (Spread)

OT Danny Smith (5-10, 200, So.), *OT Brandon Jones (6-0, 240, So.), OG Devin Phillips (5-11, 270, Sr.), OG Cole Dillon (5-9, 200, Jr.), *C Chris Brown (6-2, 315, Jr.), *SE Tory Robertson (5-6, 140, Jr.), SE Paul Gatusso (5-9, 160, Jr.), SE Nick Adcox (5-8, 180, So.), SE Devonta Piggot (6-2, 180, Jr.), RB Addarius Berry (5-8, 180, So.), *QB Derrick Dillon (5-11,170, Jr.).


*DE Thaddius Bickham (5-11, 240, Jr.), DE Markell Dillon (5-9, 220, So.), DT Jacob Miller (5-10, 220, Jr.), LB Addarius Berry (5-8, 180, So.), LB Matt Stuart (5-10, 175, Jr.), *LB Tyrais Robertson (5-10, 220, Jr.), LB Dustin Provost (5-9, 190, Jr.), DB Blake Neilson (5-8, 150, Jr.), *DB Derrick Dillon (5-10, 170, Jr.), DB Grady McDaniel (5-9, 150, Jr.), DB Trevor Stuart (5-9, 160, Sr.).


LeftAlign.41Sept. 6 at Pearl River

Sept. 13 at Varnado

Sept. 20 Bogalusa

Sept. 27 at Hannan#

Oct. 4 at St. Thomas Aquinas#

Oct. 11 Pope John Paul II#

Oct. 17 Mount Hermon#

Oct. 25 at Springfield#

Nov. 1 Northlake Christian#

Nov. 8 at St. Helena#

Pope John Paull II Jaguars

#Coach: Mark Jeanmard (31-20)

#2012: 3-7, 1-4 in District 8-2A

#LastTimeInPlayoffs: 2012 (bidistrict)

#NowTrending: Though the Jaguars lost their starting quarterback, running back, tight end and two receivers, the team returns 18 seniors to provide relief. That experience is bound to help the Jaguars, who were plagued by injuries during for most of 2012. The offensive line boasts seven seniors.

#WorthRemembering: Mason Klotz had eight interceptions last season. He is one of 17 players on defense who saw significant playing time in 2012.

#AdvocateSays: The Jaguars always seem to be a tough out, and that shouldn’t change despite the loss of many playmakers.


OFFENSE (Option)

*OL Dereck Trosclair (6-2, 220, Sr.), *OL Spencer Dean (6-2, 220, Sr.), *OL Justin Gandy (6-1, 245, Sr.), *OL Sean O’Brien (6-0, 265, Sr.), *OL Trey Schultz (6-1, 210, Sr.0, *TE Marcus Rome (6-4, 200, Sr.), SE Ian Readeau (6-0, 185, Jr.), *Joe Feraci (5-10, 185, Sr.), *RB Chanse Caire (5-9, 185, Jr.), *RB Michael Nobile (6-0, 200, Sr.), QB Blayne Haro (6-1, 185, Sr.).

DEFENSE (Multiple)

*DE Marcus Rome (6-4, 200, Sr.), *DE Trey Nicolossi (6-0, 195, Sr.), *DT Sean O’Brien (6-0, 255, Sr.), *DT Spencer Dean (6-2, 220, Sr.), DT Dereck Doane (6-0, 255, Sr.), *LB Michael Nobile (6-0, 200, Sr.), *LB Jake Car 6-1, 230, Sr.), *DB Beaux Rivierre (5-9, 175, Sr.), *DB Rhett Restivo (5-10, 185, Sr.), *DB Mason Klotz (6-2, 195, Sr.), *DB Sam Ybos (6-0, 185, Sr.).


LeftAlign.41Sept. 6 at St. Patrick

Sept. 13 Pearl River

Sept. 20 at Newman

Sept. 27 St. Thomas Aquinas#

Oct. 4 Hannan#

Oct. 11 at Pine#

Oct. 18 St. Helena#

Oct. 25 at Mount Hermon#

Nov. 1 Springfield#

Nov. 8 at Northlake Christian#

Springfield Bulldogs

#Coach: Ryan Serpas

#2012: 11-2, 5-0

#LastTimeInPlayoffs: 2012 (state semifinals)

#NowTrending: Springfield is hoping it has reached a point where it can reload, rather than rebuild. It appears it will be the former, at least this year. Though the team lost several leaders and key performers from last year’s semifinal squad, eight starters return on both offense and defense.

#WorthRemembering: A 55-0 loss to perennially tough John Curtis in the 2012 postseason still hangs in the Bulldogs’ minds.

#AdvocateSays: Springfield returns plenty of talent to make another deep run. And John Curtis is playing up this year, so a rematch with that juggernaut isn’t in the cards.



SE Milan Love (6-2, 160, Jr.), *SE Chuckie Vicks (5-9, 170, Jr.), *T Campbell Parker (6-5, 370, Sr.), G Dale Smith (5-11, 215, Sr.), C Jeramie Ross (6-1, 265, Jr.), *G Chris Carter (6-0, 260, Sr.), *T Travis Tillman (6-1, 230, Sr.), *QB Joseph Kemp (6-3, 185, Sr.), *RB Charmaine Ashton (5-9, 200, Sr.), *RB Zachary Clark (6-1, 180, Sr.).


*DE Darien Schneider (5-8, 165, Sr.), DE Travis Tillman (6-1, 230, Sr.), DT Jonavon Roberts, *DT Chris Carter (6-0, 260, Sr.), *LB Michael Jackson (5-11, 205, Sr.), *LB Jordan Carter, DT Jude Miller (5-11, 280, Sr.), *DB Joseph Kemp (6-3, 185, Sr.), *DB Zachary Clark (6-1, 180, Sr.), *DB Chuckie Vicks (5-9, 170, Sr.), *DB Josh Taylor (5-7, 150, Jr.).


LeftAlign.41Sept. 6 at Loyd Star (Miss.)

Sept. 13 Walker

Sept. 20 at Albany

Sept. 27 Northlake Christian#

Oct. 4 at St. Helena Central#

Oct. 11 Mount Hermon#

Oct. 18 at Archbishop Hannan#

Oct. 25 Pine#

Nov. 1 at Pope John Paul II#

Nov. 8 St. Thomas Aquinas#

St. Helena Central Hawks

#Coach: Brandon Brown (first year)

#2012: 2-7, 0-5 in District 8-2A

#LastTimeInPlayoffs: 2008 (bidistrict)

#NowTrending: Brown stresses that St. Helena is “taking steps to install a new and renewed sense of optimism within the program. We are trying to build a program that will be competitive for now and years to come.” The change is sure to be refreshing for fans; the Hawks were 2-7 last year and were winless in district play.

#WorthRemembering: The Hawks are young, with only seven seniors. They have seven new starters on offense and six on defense.

#AdvocateSays: We like the approach Brown is bringing to St. Helena and think it will be productive over time. This year, though, is going to be a rebuilding effort.



*OT Darrell Bowman (Jr.), OT James Dunn (So.), OG Michael Murray (So.), *OG Kennice Schaffer (Sr.), *C Marlow Wright (Jr.), TE Kevin Taylor (Fr.), SE Joevontae Bowman (Sr.), SE Chamoray Galmon (Jr.), RB Anthony Jenkins (Jr.), *RB LaTrone Williams (Jr.), QB Quinton Griffin (Jr.).


*DE Damien Smith (Sr.), DE KeJuan Scott (Jr.), DT Prentiss Rogers (Sr.), DT Bruce Robertson (So.0, LB Joel Hamler (So.), LB Damien Morgan (Fr.), *LB Arthur Cannon (Sr.), *DB Trent Tanner (Jr.), *DB LaTrone Williams (Jr.), *DB Dussell Cooper (Jr.), DB Malik Singleton (Fr.).


LeftAlign.41Sept. 6 at Amite

Sept. 13 at Live Oak

Sept. 20 at St. Martin

Sept. 27 at Mount Hermon#

Oct. 4 Springfield#

Oct. 11 at Northlake Christian#

Oct. 18 at Pope John Paul II#

Oct. 25 St. Thomas Aquinas#

Nov. 1 at Hannan#

Nov. 8 Pine#

St. Thomas Aquinas Falcons

#Coa ch: John White (44-27)

#2012: 5-5, 4-1 in District 8-2A

#LastTimeInPlayoffs: 2012 (bidistrict)

#NowTrending: The Falcons have experience on offense, with eight starters returning. Though there are only four back on defense, that includes sophomore tackle Edwin Alexander, who has a scholarship offer from Florida. He’ll see time at fullback as well.

#WorthRemembering: The offense boasts all-state senior tackle Reid Travis.

#AdvocateSays: The Falcons are loaded. If they stay healthy, it would be surprising if they don’t challenge for the district championship and make a deep run in the playoffs.



*OT Layfon Fugariao (6-, 210, Sr.), *OT Reid Travis (6-1, 300, Sr.), *OG Cruise Dunn (6-0, 180, Sr.), OG Ricky Henry (6-0, 190, Jr.), C Jalen Bikcham (6-4, 300, So.), TE Blanton Bourgeois (6-1, 195, Sr.), *SE Luke Bleakley (6-0, 150, Sr.), *WR Jared Stewart (5-10, 175, Sr.), *RB Body Beccaria (5-9, 160, So.), *RB James Cox (6-2, 195, Sr.), *QB Dillon Lee (6-1, 190, Sr.).


DE Collin Lee (6-0, 190, So.), DE Jesse Hester (6-1, 205, So.), *DT Edwin Alexander (6-3, 290, So.), DT Steve La France (5-9, 220, Sr.), LB Jonah Mollere (5-9, 200, Sr.), LB Hayes Perrilloux (5-11, 170, So.), LB Andrew Killebrew (6-1, 180, Sr.), LB Matthew Bartholomew (6-0, 170, Jr.), DB Brad Shafer (5-11, 160, Jr.), DB Josh Magliolo (5-11, 160, Sr.), *DB James Cox (6-2, 195, Sr.).


LeftAlign.41Sept. 6 Loranger

Sept. 13 at Albany

Sept. 20 J.S. Clark

Sept. 27 at Pope John Paul II#

Oct. 4 Pine#

Oct. 11 at Hannan#

Oct. 18 Northlake Christian#

Oct. 25 at St. Helena#

Nov. 1 Mount Hermon#

Nov. 8 at Springfield#

^ — Returning starter; # — district game