A TEEN’S TAKE: Blair LeBleu on playing the harp

“People often look at the harp and believe that it is easy to play. However, you have to learn the different strings and how to use the pedals to change the pitch of those strings. Each string will play one note, but in three different pitches. The different pitches help the harp to play beautiful music. Performing isn’t my favorite thing about the harp. I often enjoy playing alone. I also enjoy teaching my friends and family how to play simple songs. They seem to enjoy playing my harp as well.”

Age: 13

School: Runnels School,
freshman in the fall

Parents: Vicki and Travis


Book: “The Hunger Games”

TV show: “Psych”

Movie: “The Pink Panther”

Music: Pop

Hang out: Movie theaters

Role model: Jennifer Lawrence

Extra: Blair LeBleu participates in varsity cheer and drama. Playing “Great Day” on her harp, she won the 2013 East Baton Rouge Parish Farm Bureau Talent Contest in March and is participating in Farm Bureau’s state talent contest on Friday in New Orleans. She has studied the harp for six years and plays with the Runnels Harp Choir.

William Taylor

Assistant People editor