Pure Bliss juicery to pop up on Perkins

Co-owners Samir Abdo and Kimberly Matsko this fall plan to open a cold-pressed juicery bar, Pure Bliss, near the overpass at 3043 Perkins Road.

“These juiceries are popping up like mushrooms on both coasts,” Abdo said.

He attributes the popularity to people wanting to know where their food is coming from.

“The fact that we are what we eat has never been more true,” he said.

Cold-press juicing is a process where fruits and vegetables are pre-shredded into slurry and then squeezed with pressure so that all the moisture is removed, leaving an almost dry pulp.

The theory is that because no heat is used to process the juice, like in most centrifuge rotary blade home juicers, more nutrients are preserved resulting in a better taste. There is also less foam residue and less chance of the juice spoiling as time passes.

Abdo said they hope to use local produce from area growers. The juices will not contain any artificial additives or sweeteners and they will make their own nut milks on site. Plans are to open satellite stores in Lafayette and New Orleans, with the Perkins Road location remaining the hub.

“We have developed formulas for our juices that will help take the guesswork out of it,” he said. “I encourage everyone to supplement their diet with juicing, although it takes considerable effort. We will help with that by making it fast, convenient and healthy.”